The Alumni Team launches a quarterly newsletter for the alumni. This document broadly describes the framework and content of the newsletter along with the returns it will reap for the institute.

  • SIBM Pune has an alumni base of 5000+ and the institute has always believed in maintaining a good relationship with them. The bonding is mutual and helps both the parties in the long run.
  • Events organized by the Alumni Team (Alumni meets, silver jubilee celebrations etc.) and website are the sources of information for the alumni. This information is not exhaustive and does not reach out to a considerable number of them.
  • Latest developments and information about SIBM- Academic initiatives, placement statistics etc. will depict the institute’s involvement in improving the quality of students and the returns in terms of placement.
  • Director’s address- This section will convey the Director’s thoughts and opinions to the alumni.
  • Events- An abstract of all the events conducted in the college like guest lectures, alumni meets, co-curricular activities etc. will be documented in the newsletter.
  • Achievers- Both student as well as alumni achievers will be featured in each issue of the newsletter so that the efforts of high-performers are appreciated in the SIBM family.
  • MoUs and Corporate tie-up- The newsletter will contain the tie-ups that SIBM has, with other organizations. This section will also include a brief about the work that comes along with the partnership.
  • Keeping the bond alive – A periodic update on information about the college helps keep the bond between the alumni and their alma mater alive over time.
  • Alumni achievers – Through this section, an awareness is created about the well placed alumni which can prove beneficial for the alumni network for their career opportunities.
  • Student achievers – student activity and their achievements can be instrumental in their placement. Live projects can help the alumni align their requirements with the profile of the students.
  • Spreading the word – The alumni network will act as a channel for spreading the word about SIBM’s initiatives, in the corporate world.