Samvad Volume - IV No. 1

Research Papers
Dubey, D. T. (2012). A Study of Sales-Orientation and Customer-Orientation of Front Line Sales Executives in Financial Services. Samvad Volume - IV, 43-54.
Mr. Rajendra Marulkar, P. V. (2012). ERP Software Development For Pressure Die-casting Industry. Samvad Volume - IV, 26-42.
Mukerjee, D. K. (2012). Customer Experience Management : A Framework For Successfully Managing The Customer Experience. Samvad Volume - IV, 55-65.
Panda, R. (2012). Banking To The Poor: Different Models And Lessons for India. Samvad Volume - IV, 80-83.
Sarda, P. N. (2012). Glocalisation Strategies Being Employed in Indian Retail Sector during the times of Crisis. Samvad Volume - IV, 66-70.
Shastri, P. V. (2012). A Study of The Learners’ Perspective on ‘Entrepreneurship’. Samvad Volume - IV, 71-79.
Shrimal, D. V. (2012). Dimensions Of Human Intelligence. Samvad Volume - IV, 7-13.
Srivastava, D. M. (2012). Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A Technology Driven Tool. Samvad Volume - IV, 14-25.
Articles/View Points
Arvind Shendye, P. U. (2012). Sarbanes & Oxley Act and COSO Guidelines: An Integrated Framework for Risk Management. Samvad Volume - IV, 100-103.
Bhale, P. M. (2012). Rolling Rupee : An Economic Saga. Samvad Volume - IV, 93-99.
Pandita, P. D. (2012). The Essentials of A Healthy Workplace. Samvad Volume - IV, 87-92.
Virdi, P. A. (2012). Invoking The Organizational Consciousness: Insights from Bhagvad Gita. Samvad Volume - IV, 84-86.