Samvad Volume - VII

EISSN -2348-5329


Research Papers
Bedarkar, M. (2014). Understanding High Performance Organizations. Samvad Volume - VII, 57-60.
Jafri, P. M. (2014). Organizational Justice and Communication System in Organization as Predictors of Employee Engagement: An Empirical Investigation in Bhutanese Corporations. Samvad Volume - VII, 74-85.
Jaroliya, D. D. (2014). Assessing Response towards Internet Advertisements Using RCE Scale (With Special Reference to Banking Products and Services). Samvad Volume - VII, 22-31.
Kaur, D. F. (2014). Bank Choice Criteria of Exporting SMEs. Samvad Volume - VII, 37-50.
Khairnar, P. K. (2014). Relavtive Country Risk Premium. Samvad Volume - VII, 61-65.
Shah, P. A. (2014). Developing A Research Question Example - Why Are Indian Successful / Unsuccessful In Cross Border Acquisitions? Samvad Volume - VII, 5-12.
Sharma, P. L. (2014). Gamification - The new tool in Learning & Development. Samvad Volume - VII, 51-56.
Srivastava, D. M. (2014). Strategic CRM In B2B. Samvad Volume - VII, 13-21.
Vijayaraghavan, P. P. (2014). Nature of Exchange Offers and Antecedents of Exchange Offer Proneness. Samvad Volume - VII, 66-73.
Walvekar, P. M. (2014). India's Monetary Policy And Rising Food Inflation. Samvad Volume - VII, 32-36.
Book Review
Lele, L. C. (2014). Conscious Capitalism (Liberating The Heroic Spirit of Business). Samvad Volume - VII, 86-88.