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Launched in 2011, Prerna has always received excellent response from SIBM Pune students. In earlier editions, the students of SIBM Pune visited the Z.P. School of Nande village to teach English, Mathematics and Hindi to the students of classes VI, VII and VIII, focuses on improving soft skills among children.

In 2014, in order to give back to the staff who dedicate their time and effort to making the campus a better place, the sons and daughters of the housekeeping staff of the hilltop campus were brought to the college. Various workshops were conducted for them on a weekly basis. The students of SIBM Pune turned mentor, and strove to provide a fun and positive learning environment for these kids once in a week for a period of 6 weeks, involving them in a variety of sessions, games and activities.

These enterprising mentors offer their skills in a gamut of areas, right from conducting storytelling sessions to organising craft workshops, among other things. In addition to the benefits to the children who are part of the workshops, a single day of such interactions instills valuable skills like empathy, compassion and a sense of understanding in the young mentors, as well as providing an eye-opening and fulfilling experience.

Prerna aims to impart to the children an understanding of the dynamics of working in a group, constructive and effective communication with peer groups, identification of the role of leadership, and the way in which it emerges.