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Economics Conclave 2016

SIBM Pune hosted the Economic Conclave 2016, organized by the Research Scholastic Development Team, an engaging panel discussion centred around several prevailing economic issues. This year’s guests were - Dr. Pradeep Apte, Lecturer, Department of Economics, Fergusson College, Pune , who was also the keynote speaker, Mr. Frank Hoffmann, Regional Director, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Pune, Prof. Ashish Kulkarni, Visiting Faculty, Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune and Prof. Mansi Phadke, visiting faculty at SIBM,Pune, who served as the moderator.

The keynote launched with points on the real prospect of the Indian economy. Dr. Apte elaborated how agriculture and labor figure in the unorganized sector of the Indian economy and how this results in a large sector of economy remaining divorced from the economic policy formation process. He went on to give interesting insights on effect of a centralized tax system, unlimited access to credit for the union government, the unorganized sector escaping the tax net and other pertinent topics. After the speech, the panel began their discussion on said topic of whether India was truly a shining beacon in the current global economy. Opinions were exchanged on Inflation vs. Growth, the impact of interest rates upon foreign investments, policy making under Modi government and the exchange rate volatility.

Needless to say, there was discussion on the effects of Brexit on the Euro and Pound rates and the economy in general.

The panelists entertained various questions from the students involving policy changes and debt situations of the country. The discussion was highly fruitful and provided much food for thought.