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Handmade Junction
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Handmade Junction At Handmade Junction, we believe that love needs to be expressed! We not only personalize gifts or products for you but we personalize memories, emotions and feelings. We offer a wide range of gifts for your friends, family and loved ones and that also under one roof. Our huge inventory of personalized products include personalized photo lamp, chocolate cover, pens, memory card, newspaper, name scrapbook, memory lane, wallet, locket, candle, ring, wall clock a and a lot more.
Website: www.handmadejunction.in
Team Member: Saman Deep Singh
AZ Infinity
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AZ Infinity We at AZ believe in total foot safety and comfort of the user.
Our company AZ Infinity, is currently engaged in the marketing and distribution of some of the top brands in the field of safety shoes and combat boots.
Our company believes that protecting your feet should not come at a high price. Products offered by us are priced competitively and certified to be used at the workplace. Products supplied by us are manufactured using hi-end international technology adhering to high quality standards. All safety shoes and boots offered by us are CE certified with ISI marking.
AZ Infinity is meeting the demand of all types of industries and various military units by providing a diversified range of safety shoes and combat boots. Let there be no bare feet.
Team Member: Aroosh Mehani
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Bhakte We are Bhakte: A one stop destination for all your Puja and Ritual necessities. We understand the hassle to find and procure all the Puja necessities within your busy schedule!! Hence we have taken up the challenge to deliver all your puja ingredients at your doorstep with just a click. Bhakte is Devotion simplified. Bhakte is a unique place where we understand the diversity in our practices and cater to specific needs of any specific community. We provide a platform to educate and celebrate our vast rituals and practices through a uniquely designed social blogging platform.
Team Member: C V Raman
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Viroka We wanted some healthy drink but all beverages available in stores even juices are made up of concentrates or pulps and contains added sugars which are not good for health. So, we started to work on healthy juices and being in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program helped us to develop our idea to an actual business. We have also received grant and network support for R&D of sugarcane juice from GIZ which is one of SIBM's network. Viroka is 100% pure packed sugarcane juice without any added sugar or concentrate or artificial flavors. Viroka has shelf life of 2 months in ambient temperature. Our sugarcane juice taste amazing and has several health benefits too. The juice is packed in hygienic conditions. We are glad that we will make available India's favourite tasty sugarcane juice in hygienic condition.
Team Member: Rahulsinh Patil
Pink Box
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pink box The Pink Box, by CF Ventures, is a subscription based doorstep delivery service that provides women with menstruation essentials, coupled with health, utility and medical add-ons. The venture aims to enable women to have a safe and comfortable period, while also raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and getting women to open up about menstruation.
Team Member: Sanjana Pai
Dela Grain Foods Pvt. Ltd
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dela With a vision to provide customers with an assortment of condiments that are made with natural, quality ingredients and showcasing the richness and versatility of Indian flavours, Dela Grain Foods Pvt. Ltd. manufactures tomato ketchup, pickles, chutneys and Indian flavoured dips. They directly deal with farmers to ensure that their products contain only the best quality produce, herbs and spices, and aim to provide their customers happiness that truly feels homemade!
Team Member: Lavish Chawla
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Envireo Primary operations of Envirevo include solid waste management and manufacturing of Bio-CNG and Bio-fertilizer. Envirevo currently focuses on manufacturing of standardized high quality liquid and solid bio-fertilizers from dumped wastes of biogas plants. Thus, supporting organic and healthy way of farming.
Team Member: Shubhanjoy B Roy
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VisualEz HoloHome, the first product of VisualEz, is a SaaS-based mobile application which renders Virtual Reality experience, helping consumers get better understanding of appeal for different product combinations.
Team Members: Aman Khandelwal and Shubham Maheshwari
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homye Homye provides accommodation with an ideal home lifestyle for aspiring migrant singles using professional household services and youth centric decor.
Team Member: Neil Dutta
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davaorder DavaOrder is a mobile- application based ordering platform which pharmaceutical retailers and distributors can use to avoid hassles associated with current system of medicine supply chain.
Team Member: Rohit Chavan
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adverten Adverten is a start-up which aims to revolutionise the on-board experience in short distance bus travel. A bus, for us, is not just a medium of transport that ferries commuters from Point A to Point B. On the contrary, we envision it as a platform that not only provides an interactive & entertaining experience for passengers by means of audio-visual content but also a captive environment for our clients to advertise themselves in a cost-effective yet highly effective manner.
Team Members: Dinyar Mehta, Pratik Sharma, Kapil Tiwari, Siraj Sawardekar and Nikunj R. Muley
Darzie District
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DARZIE DISTRICT is a proposed start-up that aims to bridge the loosely addressed gap between desired fashion needs and available options.
Team Members: Varun Mehta

Ek Janiv
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Ek Janiv tries to bridge the gap between affordable home care solutions and offers a source of livelihood for women from the lower strata of the society.
Team Members: Shamindra Shinde, Dennis Babu, Urvashi Goyal, Gautham Dutt and Vinay Bahety

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Fabaround is a local search and discovery service of beauty and fitness businesses. It operates at two levels: one for the end-customers and one for businesses. Customers can use the platform to search, browse and book appointments at fitness centres and beauty salons / spas, while these businesses can use the service to track appointments, gather contact information and keep special requests on file. It also provides marketing solutions for its clients: social features such as user reviews and ratings for salons, spas and gyms, and future integration with social media platforms.
Team Members: Nishit Sapat and Swati Singh

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GarageSpace.co is an ecommerce website selling unboxed and refurbished smartphones, tablets, wearables & accessories with full 1 year pickup-and-drop warranty service. Unboxed products are returned products which are in mint condition & unused. Refurbished products are returned products which have some minor hardware problems that are fixed and resold in the market.
Team Members: Amrit Karan Singh, Mohammad Najmuzzaman, Navya Rao, Vishal Pratap and Winkle Dhar

My Closet
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My closet is a platform that provides affordable and quality clothing. It helps fulfilling the aspirational needs of people. The platform looks to help the consumers repeatedly update their wardrobe. It aims at making fashion available to everyone.
Team Members: Apoorva Kumar, Shivani Mathur, Nrithya Padmadas, Zarna Thakkar & Sourabh Gupta

Purity Polish
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Over 18 million women in India, suffer from sensitive skin. We are the Hefty Start up, founded in Pune, India bring to you Pure Polish. Pure Polish will provide a range of all natural skincare and cosmetics products for sensitive skin women.
Team Members:Yamini Singhal, Uttara Kartikeyan, Sidhant Agarwal, Neha Puranik, Ekta Deshpande and Aparna Kumar

Rolling Squares
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A major problem which exists in the Indian education sector is that - Undergraduates/Graduates possess theoretical knowledge but lack the industry relevant practical knowledge and the soft skills that are required to showcase those skills. Hence, they end up staying unemployed. So, to overcome it we in the form of Rolling Squares came up with the following solution - An interactive & gamified learning experience which would be based both online as well offline through classroom sessions.
Team Members: Akshay Julka, Md Tahir, Nistush Tulsyan and Surabhi Sood

World Entrepreneurs' Network
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WEN "Entrepreneur's Network" is a revolutionary product like no other. This is one of the best breakthroughs in the paradigm of social networking. It is a network exclusively for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors and Mentors i.e. People who are required for an effective company creation to deployment.

Team Members: Akash Bhojraj
CMS Innovators
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cms CMS Innovators is a products-related startup that is involved in in-house designing, outsourced-manufacturing, importing, marketing, retailing and wholesaling of innovative consumer products. The company aims to design and offer radically new products that combine multiple related-functionalities, never offered before by incorporating quality and innovation in all stages during product life cycle. The resulting outcome is bringing high level of customer delight and exceeding their expectations.

Team Members: Mr. Chirag M Shetty
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HelpUsGreen HelpUsGreen® is preserving River Ganges from becoming a religious sewer by flowercycling® the waste from temples and mosques into patented lifestyle products providing livelihoods to 1200 rural families. At HelpUsGreen® they collect floral waste from the temples in Uttar Pardesh, India thus preventing 7600 Kgs waste flowers and 97 Kgs toxic chemicals from getting into the river daily. The waste is handcrafted by rural women Self help groups into patented organic fertilizer and incense sticks. The project is self-sustaining and brings a hope to revive Ganges. Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi mentioned about this venture during "Mann ki baat". For more details please log on to https://www.helpusgreen.com/

Team Members: Ankit Agrawal, Karan Rastogi