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Orientation and Pedagogy

Whom is this program meant for?
This program is meant for graduates who have a FULL TIME WORK EXPEREINCE of 4 years (minimum). The idea is that they take a break from work and immerse themselves into this programme to get an acceleration in their careers to assume leadership roles in a quick span of time.

What is the total duration of the programme?
The programme is a 2 year MBA (Leadership and Strategy) programme. It is mandatory for participants to reside on campus for the first year. The second year focuses on blended and experiential learning with planned days on the campus.

What is the need for this programme?
This program aims to create a supply of middle level managers who can be quickly groomed into senior leadership roles thereby fulfilling the needs of corporates who require a pipeline of such a talent pool.
The whole learning experience is expected to be life changing- leading with higher confidence, Inspiring performance at all levels, developing an ability to tackle the tough organizational challenges and higher contribution to the leadership team of the company.

What are the Key Benefits of this joining this programme?
At the end of this programme, the participant may be expected to develop the abilities to

  • Lead organizations by crafting right strategies and also craft creative growth strategies.
  • Systematically evaluate markets, analyze competitive forces, and establish corporate strategy.
  • Understand the intricacies of finance and scout for opportunities that add value to the company.
  • Leverage on digital transformation and strategically implement artificial intelligence.
  • Develop as a leader by building on powerful insights gained through assessments and feedback.
  • Build lasting connects with accomplished peers who come from different functions and industries.

What is the pedagogy that will be followed?
The pedagogy for the programme would be mainly case based following the pattern of leading global business schools. Approximately 70% of the course curriculum is case based. The case based learning would be reinforced with blended learning and a few regular classrooms lectures. The first year of the program would be classroom based while the second year would comprise of blended learning and project reinforced with planned days on campus. Overall, the programme aims to create an immersive learning experience with models designed to accelerate your growth. As part of the go green initiatives at SIBM, Pune every participant of the programme would be provided with a tablet.