AlumSpeak 2016- Mr Anjan Bhowmick

AlumSpeak, an initiative by the Alumni Team of SIBM,Pune is a series of guest lectures wherein illustrious alumni are invited to interact with students and provide valuable insights on industry relevant topics. Our guest speaker for AlumSpeak November 2016 was Mr Anjan Bhowmick who is the Director of Human Resources (India and EMEA) for The Hershey Company. Mr Bhowmick, who has a huge experience in Human Resources had come to enlighten the students on "Business strategy and its implications on Human Capital Management- the Hershey experience "

He began by introducing topics such as "People agenda" in the modern day boardrooms, strategy development, relationships with stakeholders. He emphasized on the importance of the choices that we make every day in order to design strategy. He talked about how Hershey has worked towards and maintains its "bring goodness to life" mission. He explained that the four major types of corporate strategies- Diversification, Vertical Integration, Consolidation and Geographic Expansion and competitive strategies- Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focus/ Niche. He went on to point out the Basic challenges in strategy, out of which Corporate Productivity and performance improving efforts, expanded roles of employees in the organization's performance efforts and increased HR involvement in design of strategic plans were involved. He taught about the two strategic planning roles that the students may face in future of which strategy execution role and strategy formulation role were constant over all the industries.

He elaborated on the roles of HR with the help of several models, backed up by detailed insights on each. He then took the students along the journey of the Hershey company sharing their major checkpoints before starting something new and devising a strategy- Where to play (portfolio design), How to win (managing resources), Capabilities (cost effectiveness, sales capacity etc) and Management Systems and Processes (Talent management, Training etc).

He shed light on the need to understand the consumer mind set for every product that is rolled out of any organization. The speaker in a concise manner, cleared most concepts for the students and answered questions at the end of the session upon issues such as uncertainty in the industry, forecasting hindrances and facilitating strategic execution. The students felt delighted after such an engaging and knowledge enhancing talk.

AlumSpeak 2016- Ms.Joyeeta Chatterjee

AlumSpeak is an initiative by the Alumni Team at SIBM, Pune where eminent alumni of the college come over to enlighten students on industry relevant topics. Our guest alumnus for this session of AlumSpeak was Ms.Joyeeta Chatterjee, from the Batch of 1994 who is the Chief Human Resource Officer at OLX for the South Asia division.

In an hour long session, she shed light on the changing face of Human Resource Management, the new age employees who are ambitious and yet strive to strike a work life balance. She also talked about the new generation employees who join and the way they deal with the older generation of team members and the role of HR managers in avoiding rise of ego issues in them.

The students were also keen on knowing about efficient conflict management to which she gave interesting explanations and insights.

The discussion and speak gave students valuable comprehension about HR practices among a hoard of other topics.