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AlumSpeak 2017- Mr. Vikram Karayi

Mr. Vikram Karayi, Partner, Linkage India, an alumnus of SIBM Pune, interacted with the students on the topic 'Millennials and the New World Order' as part of AlumSpeak, a series of guest lectures where illustrious alumni interact with the students on industry-relevant topics.

Mr. Karayi structured his session around the Millennial attitude across the globe in the light of the future of human resources. He spoke in depth about the three essential attributes, 'career confidence', 'running a career ultramarathon', 'should I stay or go?', and how these attributes play a significant factor nowadays when dealing with the workforce. Portraying these aspects, he cited the Salesforce story and how the underlying idea of an evolving organization was behind their growth.

Skills are what Mr. Karayi stressed upon as the most critical factor when assessing the quality of current day employees and how cultural attributes affecting millennial growth couldn't be ignored as per statistical data from various industries. Reimagining people practices - attracting, developing, and retaining millennials is what the entire session could be summed up in.

As per Mr. Karayi, the focus is now shifting towards 'What's in it for me?' and it's critical to think along those lines when making crucial HRM decisions across organizations. As part of the QnA, Mr. Karayi addressed various queries the students had from what was put forth in the session, and he also spoke about his experience at the SB Road campus.