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An examination of perceived ergonomic workstation design as a determinant of software project planning and execution of a programmer in India

Authors: Panse C., Kumar R.

Journal: Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development

Publication date: 2018 May

Publisher: Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development

URL: click here


Introduction: This study relates to a computer programmer and presents a systematic analysis of factors that influence programmers’ ability to plan and manage a software project. This study has been conducted on Indian software industry to understand the significant factors that affect Software Project Planning and Execution. The factors considered were: Ergonomic Workstation design, Domain Knowledge and Software Industry occupational hazards. Originality: Software programming is an intelligent work which is built entirely on human capital, and there are few studies on the factors affecting it. Method: The data was collected using random sampling from programmers by way of a structured questionnaire. The analysis was done using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) AMOS 20. The total sample size was 199. Results: The overall model fit looks adequate with the CMIN/DF is 1.821 while all other parameters such as GFI, AGFI, CFI & RMSEA are within the recommended value. Conclusion: The finding of the study was that two factors-Ergonomic Workstation and Domain Knowledge have a significant impact on software project planning and execution.