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An Exploratory Study of Exploring Drivers of Gender and Workexperience of the Post-Graduation Students to its Locus of Control

Authors: Pandita Deepika

Journal: Indian Journals

Publication date: 2015

Publisher: Indian Journals

URL: click here


The current study primarily focuses on understanding the impact of Locus of Control on gender differences and their prior work experience among the post-graduation students in India. In order to measure the Locus of Control, a 29-item Locus of Control questionnaire (Rotter, 1966) was used. A total sample of 100 was selected from different post-graduate academic institutes of city of Pune in India. To study these two variables an independent t-test was used. This study had considerable results with the earlier studies in the literature. The conclusion of the research was that men have higher internal Locus of Control and women scored high on external Locus of Control. Also students who have prior work experience indicate higher external Locus of Control than the students without any prior work experience in the post-graduate college. So the gender difference and the work experience had a significant effect on the Locus of Control. Implications of these findings and suggestions for future researches are discussed.