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Box Cricket and Rink Football 2017

An eagerly awaited event -Box cricket and Rink football was organised at SIBM Pune by the Sports Management Team from 23rd September to 5th October. 30 teams in box cricket and 14 teams in rink football competed each other to win the title. The event hosted all students of SIBM Pune coming from various background and sharing their enthusiasm for Cricket and Football - Sports universally known for its team spirit.

Box Cricket - It's a six on six a side tournament where in every team has 1 girl and 5 boys. The rules of box cricket are different from what we normally see in cricket tournaments. Since the matches were played in the knockout format, the margin of error for the teams was very less.

Rink Football - This consists of 5 a side teams fighting out against each other and all the normal futsal rules are applied. The finished passes, wicked nutmegs and close calls left the audience amazed and awestricken.

With the support of the participants, the event ended successfully on the 5th October after many delays because of the bad weather. The Women's football match was well enjoyed with both the teams consisting of members of both the batches making it a friendly yet a competitive match. Also, Rewati Kachhwaha of MBA 1 bagged the title of best women player of the tournament in Box cricket.

The Box Cricket finals was played between teams "Ranjan Ke Madugalle" and "Devils" where Ranjan ke madugalle consisting of Abhijeet Vyas, Krishna Chaturvedi, Animesh Rathore, Aamir Arfin, Abhineet Pandey, Ayshu Varsha won the tournament by their excellent performance which was appreciated by the cheers in crowd. The rink Football finals was played between - "Bad Kompany" and "Bullet Farmers" where Bullet Farmers consisting of Garvit Bhandari, Vinay Rawat, Vipul Mehta, Eric Deb Burmen, Suraj Sipani, Nishant Chaturvedi celebrated the win after a heart pounding match between both the teams.

The Day ended with winning hoots and cheers for the winners and runners up of tournament. The field was filled with Flashes flashing and laughter of joy in every corner uniting the family of SIBM to celebrate its victory.