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Box Cricket and Rink Football 2016

The Sports Management Team organised Box Cricket and Rink Football extravaganza at SIBM, Pune. The much awaited tournament is one of the favourites at the college. The event was scheduled for 6 days from 29th September to 4th October, 2016.

This year the excitement and enthusiasm levels amongst the students reached a new high as we saw 31 teams participating in Box cricket and a total of 14 teams in Rink football. 1 Women's Rink Football match was also played between MBA I and MBA II. Since the matches were played in the knockout format, the margin of error for the teams was very less. A number of close calls and nail-biting finishes could be witnessed as the teams showcased their skills and competencies.

5th October marked the final day of the event wherein the matches evoked the battle between MBA I and MBA II where teams from MBA I took on team from MBA II in Rink Football. MBA I emerged victorious at the end of the day in both the Men's category and the Women's category. Box Cricket finals was played between teams from MBA I and MBA II, where both showcased awe-inspiring performances with the team from MBA I emerging victorious at the end of the day.