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Colosseum 2017

The Co-Curricular Team, SIBM Pune, organized Colosseum 2017 on July 17-18, 2017. Colosseum, as you know, is the intra SIBM management and cultural event where MBA-1 and MBA-2 face each other over an array of competitions.

This year, in the endeavour to broaden the scope of the contest, and to refurbish it as an amalgamation of both, management and culture, a new event was added to the already existing repertoire.

To provide a platform to the students to hone their business skills, equal focus to management activities was provided under the Colosseum banner. Out of the two days over which Colosseum spanned, the first day (17th July 2017) saw a range of management competitions. Innovative renditions of Extempore and Quiz were organised. The aim was to infuse learning with creativity and enable students to integrate their learning across functional areas.

On the second day (18th July 2017), the cultural events, Dance, Music and Fashion Show were hosted. The participants put in their best to showcase their skills and attendees enjoyed performances for all genres in the spectrum.

The event saw extremely enthusiastic participation from both the batches. The event was judged on cumulative scoring basis considering individual scores of all competitions.

MBA-1 won the batch trophy with a greater score as against that of MBA-2.