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Consulting and Strategy Club

The Consulting and Strategy Club of SIBM Pune aims to promote a consulting culture and assist students in pursuing a career in consulting and strategy. The club acts as a platform for academic and corporate exposure to help students develop a holistic understanding of the consulting industry. With a plethora of initiatives planned throughout the year, the club aims to bridge the gap between corporate expectations and students' skill sets.
Within the inception year itself, the club has managed to pique the interest of the student community in the world of consulting. The club attracted stalwarts from the domains of product management, cloud strategy, and management consulting and nurtured students on their journey towards building a career in consulting. Resolve, a peer-to-peer case discussion series and the YouTube video series on consulting case-solving garnered an immensely heartening response from the students. StratX and Industry Reports helped students stay abreast with contemporary business strategies and market trends. The club envisions and endeavours to keep the juggernaut rolling and embroider the fabric of the budding consulting culture of the institute.

Annual Reports

Students' Initiatives Consulting and Strategy Club report for the year 2021-2022

Team Members