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Examining Perceptual Dilemmas of Young Leaders with Respect to Ageism

Authors: Sonal Shree , Anugamini Priya Srivastava

Journal: SAMVAD International Journal of Management

Publication date: 2019

Publisher: SAMVAD International Journal of Management

URL: click here


The purpose of this study is to present a review of the existing literature and derive possible propositions and future agendas in the context of young leaders and the issues they might face due to ageism and lack of experience. The literature was searched through specific keywords on online data bases and journal publications were taken as the base for the review. The analyses indicated that demographic details played an important role in influencing young leaders' decision making, and could contribute to their work related dilemmas. Additionally, the role of older workers in organization cannot be relegated to the background. The key is collaboration among different cohorts and this also involves plugging the gaps occurring due to age and lack of experience, if any. The study aims to offer some insights for both practitioners and academics.