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Financial Inclusion and Demonetization: An empirical study using Exploratory Factor Analysis

Authors: Dr. Shailesh Rastogi, Dr. Vidya Suresh and David Leonard

Journal: Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies

Publication date: 2017 July

Publisher: Educational Research Multimedia and Publications

URL: click here


Financial Inclusion, typically the measure of number of citizens using the financial services has recently become a subject of concern for the policy makers. The reason behind is, it directly or indirectly affects the economy and every individual. Financial Inclusion has become as an aid provided by the Government that makes the financial services available to the public at affordable costs. This results in economic growth in the nation curbing the factors that deteriorate the growth and progress. This has become popular in almost all the countries across the world. Hence this is a worldwide issue. This paper will confine to the policy called Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojana (PMJDY) which is implemented in India as a financial inclusion measure. Demonetization has been taking place since the 18th century and still continues. This process of stripping of a country's currency from being a legal tender is implemented for many reasons. The reasons, causes, effects and the shortcomings of such policies on people are dealt in this paper.