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Gravitas'18, the Fourth edition of the inter B-school sports Fest welcomed over 4 colleges this year. There were about 10 sports each with its own arena which followed the theme of battle of Empires. There were a total number participants were more than 110 from colleges namely NMIMS, NITIE, FMS and IIT Bombay.

The sports fest began with Football, the first match being SIBM Pune v/s NMIMS Mumbai. NMIMS Mumbai put up a good fight but the home team managed to overpower them and secured a comfortable win. The next match was between NMIMS and NITIE where NMIMS won the match, though the latter put up a good fight.

The next game was Chess which was again between SIBM Pune and NMIMS Mumbai. After putting a good fight, SIBM lost with a close margin.

It was followed by Badminton (Men) between SIBM and NMIMS. After many close calls and excellent shots SIBM lost to NMIMS. The next match was Between NMIMS and NITIE where NMIMS continued their winning streak and won the match.

In volleyball, SIBM lost the match in third set by a point against NITIE, though the match was well enjoyed by the crowd and the players.

Day 2 started with a Basketball (Men's) Match between FMS Delhi and NMIMS Mumbai when FMS won 40-29. The next much awaited match was between SIBM and NMIMS where SIBM registered the win along with the energetic crowd that filled the court with cheering.

The final match of football was played between SIBM and NITIE where Manas Gajula from SIBM scored three remarkable goal to win the match against NITIE with a score of 3-0

In Volleyball (Men's), NMIMS emerged victorious by defeating SIBM by 2-0. But SIBM Pune turned tables in Badminton by winning against NMIMS Mumbai with the same score.

On the field, IITB defeated NITIE, though both the teams performed exceptionally. In the following match, NITIE defeated SIBM after beating the target of 138.

The Third day continued with the last and final cricket match of the tournament was held between SIBM Pune and IIT Bombay where the home team chased a modest target of 81 runs to emerge victorious.

Swapnil Deshpande, Akhil Deshpande, Ayush Arora contributed to maintain SIBM's winning streak, as they managed to wrap up the Table Tennis against FMS. However, in pool SIBM Pune lost to NMIMS in pool with a close margi

The final match of the event was SIBM vs FMS for the Basketball title. First half of the match was intense as both the teams maintained a close score. However, in the third Quarter SIBM picked up the game and converted the nail biting matching by a huge margin only to close at 31-20 to come victorious.

Thus, Gravitas ended on a good note with the home team securing the position in many sports and bagging the overall trophy. Throughout the event, Sports Management Team and its Event Associates ensured that the events ran smoothly and ended memorably.