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Hoopster 2018

The 3rd edition of the unique three on three basketball tournament Hoopster organized by the Sports Management Team began with huge expectations to build on the success of the previous edition. This event was created in order to break the ice between the juniors and seniors through the common love for sports

"From the pitch to the crowd to the world, there is nothing quite like sport to bring people together"-
Sir Richard Branson.

This sums up the very importance of events like these which brings people together and makes the world a better place to live. Also the ice breaking between juniors and seniors was possible because of the unique team formation that was involved. Each team was required to have one male member from first and second years each, and a third female member from either batch. The event in general got an overwhelming response with over nineteen teams sweating it out in a hard fought tournament and also people turned out in huge numbers for supporting their favorite teams.

The knockout tournament's first day was unfortunately disrupted by the rain gods but still the organizing team managed to conduct two matches out of the 5 originally scheduled. The next day made up for the lost action as it featured thrilling matches one after another which showcased exciting talent and awe-inspiring team spirit, in turn, achieving the true aim of the Hoopster exercise. Nischchal Shrestha and Vidhyut Bhawnani dictated the match to send their respective teams to the second round with relative ease. Day three was completely washed out as the rain gods were determined not to continue the action. The event had to be delayed further due to heavy rains and the tournament was postponed. Then finally on a bright day, the action continued for a match but was once again the rain gods poured their heart out on us. After a lot of efforts by the players and the organizing committee, Hoopster continued and it was made sure that the court was clean and dry before the matches to ensure safety of the players.

The final was played between the following teams - Abhijatya Bhadhana , Sahejpal Singh, Ashwarya Mantri and Vidhyut Bhawnani , Prithvi Singh, Pooja Kharat .The crowd gathered in huge numbers to cheer for their teams under floodlights which made for an incredible spectacle. The team consisting of Vidhyut Bhawnani , Prithvi Singh, Pooja Kharat ultimately ended up winning a tough battle. The tournament ended with glittering photo sessions of the players as well as the organizing committee