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Hoopster 2017

The second edition of the unique three on three basketball tournament Hoopster managed by the Sports Management Team of SIBM Pune began with huge expectations to build on the success of the previous edition. This event was created in order to break the ice between the juniors and seniors through the common love for sports. The team was required to have to have one male participant from the first and second year each, and female member from either batch. The participation exceeded expectations as more than fifteen teams competed for the coveted title.

The day featured thrilling matches one after another which showcased exciting talent and team spirit, in turn, achieving the true aim of the Hoopster exercise. Blessen John and Abhijatya Bhadhana dictated the match to send their respective teams to the quarter-finals with relative ease, post which the competition had really started to pick up with Santhosh and team knocking out one of the favorites Pranay Kumar in a tightly contested game.

The organizing committee showed true grit in making sure the event was carried out successfully by making the court as dry as possible even during rains on campus so as to make sure that the safety of the players wasn't compromised.

As the semi-finals wound up, Rohith Panchumarthi's and Santhosh Kumar's team emerged as the finalists for the much awaited concluding clash. The crowd gathered in huge numbers to cheer for their teams under floodlights which made for an incredible spectacle. The team consisting of Santhosh Kumar, Saman Pawa and Nikita ultimately ended up winning a tough battle, especially Santosh's post-play made all the difference. The tournament ended with photo sessions of the players as well as the organizing committee.