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Legacy, the annual event hosted by the Alumni Team at SIBM, Pune is a panel discussion between students which is judged by the alumni followed by a panel discussion between the alumni on the topic and its impact on their respective sectors. This event is designed to help students gain relevant industry insight and develop a better connect between our illustrious alumni and students.

The speakers this year came from various sectors of the industry. The keynote speaker of the day was Ms. Ashwini Holkar from the Batch of 2003 who has specialized in Marketing. She is currently working as Head Innovation Personal Care at Marico Ltd. She has a rich professional experience of 13 years in the field of sales and marketing.

The session began with the keynote address, where Ms Holkar spoke about how classical market structure is breaking down with commodities being driven by the brand name that they carry. She also talked about the changes in organization and hence the style of marketing leading to a huge difference in the sales channels. Thus with the changing consumer mindset, our ways of appealing to them is evolving. She showed the students an interesting video on the HUL Kan Khajura Tesan and also gave examples of companies like ITC and their methods of attracting lifetime buyers like Yippee brand connection and also PepsiCo marketing styles..

She gave insightful thoughts to the students on sales channels. With FMCG businesses collecting 70% revenues from the traditional grocery stores and 30% from online retail, she pointed out that customer preferences change very rapidly and brands need to keep up with them. She also said that the four qualities that are going to lead the businesses in future are- Rapid, scalable, intelligent and connected. With such a powerful start, the panel discussion among students began.

The alumni and judges present were- Mr. Samarth Garg, a student of the Batch of 2007, currently an Associate Vice President at Deutsche Bank who has driven transformational businesses from conceptualization to successful operations in the field of Financial Services, Mr. Protik Basu (Batch of 2009) who currently working as Director- Strategy and Digital at Templatolio Technologies, Mr. Deepak Bhauwala who is Program Manager from Batch of 2012 and currently working at Amazon, Ms. Swati Kawatra (Batch of 2012) who is currently working as Senior Manager at Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited and moderator Mr. Keyur Munot (Batch of 2012) who is a marketing professional and has worked for organizations such as Castrol and is now a part of the Star Sports group.

After a witty and enthusiastic student discussion, the alumni took over and began a more extensive discussion, delving into deeper topics of within the industry. The judges declared the team of Miss Sandhini Nagvekar and Miss Saanya Mehra as the winners of the panel discussion and the team of Naman Tandon and Akash Sultania as the runners up.

The panel discussion stood true its motto- “Where experienced past, meets aspirational future” and the students had an enlightening and vision broadening session.