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Legacy 2017 the annual panel discussion organised by the Alumni team to bring together the experience of SIBM Pune's esteemed alumni and the vigor of the incumbent batch, was conducted on 18th November 2017. The schedule for the day included a keynote address, the finale of 'Vimarsh' - the case study competition, and a panel discussion.

The event began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the alumni, marking the start of Legacy 2017. This was followed by a keynote address by Mr. Sanjiv Navangul, Managing Director, Janssen India. Mr. Navangul spoke about the perception of 'Brand India' across the country, across various sectors, primarily because people develop images. He also addressed the question as to whether the companies in India should explore the world or work on making a change within the country first, a problem that has been raised numerous times. Mr. Navangul concluded his address with an anecdote from the Mahabharata while talking about how competent leadership will guide Brand India to success.

The finale of 'Vimarsh' was up next on the schedule, with team 'Alpha' going up first. They spoke about India's Electric Journey in the years to come. They provided statistics about India's progress on a global scale, with the areas of system integration, shared infrastructure development, and scaled manufacturing being at the crux of their presentation.

Team 'Infinite' pitched their views on the topic next, emphasising the importance of collaborating for a sustainable future. As per their research, infrastructural collaboration is of utmost importance as it connects areas and enables a viable solution. An appealing value proposition to enter this market would be the point of achieving a first movers advantage.

The last team to go on stage was, team 'Outliers'. They structured their presentation around Why India?, with factors such as battery prices, electric mobility solutions, strategic locations, clear communication, and the ease of doing business rankings making the most persuasive answer to that question.

The much-awaited panel discussion that followed was on the topic; 'Globalising Brand India, Challenges and Opportunities'. The panel included, Mr. Vikas Dimri, Vice President, Business Head - SME Trade & Working Capital, Deutsche Bank AG, Ms. Anugya Punetha, Area Marketing Manager - North, Coca-Cola India, Mr. Ashim Sethi, Category Marketing Manager - KitKat and Bar One, Nestle India, Mr. Nishant Prabhu, Regional Sales & Customer Manager, Hindustan Unilever Ltd., and the moderator was Mr. Vivek Subramaniam, On-Premise Manager - Mumbai, Pernod Ricard. Several areas concerning the topic were discussed, with the key focus being on how India over the years has grown to be recognised, globally. Views on the changing trends across India in the area of tourism and labor were highlighted, with an example of how in the past, industries in India moved from cheap labor to more qualified workers. Also, the importance of consumers was discussed because with rising competition, consumers to need to understand the dynamics of the economy. With the world becoming more global, Brands don't just represent countries, but the amount they contribute is also taken into account. The discussion ended with a QnA session with the audience.

After a unanimous decision by the judges, team 'Outliers' were announced as the winners of Vimarsh. Overall, the panel discussion left the audience intrigued as several roadblocks were cleared, in-turn opening a pathway to understanding Brand India on a global platform better, and most importantly where it currently stands on the worldwide yardstick.