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OpCeQuod-The Quizzing and Debating Society of SIBM Pune provides students with a platform to participate in extempore, debates, quizzing events etc. which enhances their awareness and help them build their analytical skills. Quod, makes these future business leaders think on the feet and thus make them industry ready. Even though Quod is just two years old, it has proved itself to be the most promising one, it has come up a long way since its inception, organising more events than any other SIG on the campus.

Its flagship event, Ridges and Furrows, an inter-college quizzing competition not only gives an opportunity to sharpen one’s quizzing acumen over an array of subjects but also gives an opportunity to compete with the best minds in the country.

Quod’s philosophy lies in establishing a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts, implying that the magic happens beyond the textual knowledge. Therefore, we have gone further and conducted numerous and varied quizzes and debating competitions, with each of them adding unique value to the participants, who go out and win major competitions, thus bringing laurels to SIBM Pune.

Annual Reports

Students' Initiatives alumni team report for the year 2017-2018

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