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Dr. Deepika Pandita

Title Year
Innovation in talent management practices: creating an innovative employer branding strategy to attract generation Z2021
Transforming people practices by re-structuring job engagement practices for generation z: An empirical study2021
The Effectiveness of a 360-degree Performance Appraisal in the Digital Era2021 (forthcoming)
Case Study: In Letter And Spirit?2021
Twitting for talent by linking social media to employer branding in talent management2021
Innovations in Induction Practices: Emerging Trends in Digitalized Organizations2020
Case Study: Go-Global: From 'Desi' To 'Videshi'2020
Impact of Hackathons on Employee Engagement in the IT Organisations2020
Factors Impacting Adoption of Mobile Technology in asset Financing Industry - A Case Study2020
The Changing Dynamics of Manager-Subordinate Relationships in Organizations: An Empirical Study2019
Sustainable careers: creating a framework of talent acquisition practices2019 (forthcoming)
Drivers of Employee Engagement and Engagement Value Proposition2019
Talent Management and employee engagement- A meta-analysis of their impact on talent retention. 2018
The impact of Skilled Human Capital on new Job Creation in India2017
A Study on Measuring the Effectiveness of Human Resources in Organizations2016
Examining the Impact of Organizational Culture on Customer Centricity in Organizations: An Analysis. 2016
An Exploratory Study of Exploring Drivers of Gender and Workexperience of the Post-Graduation Students to its Locus of Control2015
A study on the drivers of employee engagement impacting employee performance. 2014
Emotional Intelligence for workplace leaders. 2012