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Dr. Poornima Tapas

Title Year
Resistance to Purchase of Organic Food- A Innovation Resistance Theory Perception 2022
Analysis of Critical Success Factors Impacting the Project Success 2022
Factors influencing the start-up intentions of urban women in India: a theory of planned behaviour based approach 2022
Prospect theory: an analysis of corporate actions and priorities in pandemic crisis 2021
Role of citizens' knowledge about e-governance initiatives in framing citizens' satisfaction 2021
Locus of Control: Conceptualization, Application and Predictive Ability -A Literature Review 2021
Study of HRM Practices and Organizational Culture 2021
Reshaping Investments Amidst 2020 Pandemic: A Prospect Theory Way 2021
Study of Consumer Perception about Organic Food Labels2020
Locus of Control - Impact on Planned Behaviour and Decision Making in Working Women2020
Role of Voters' Demographics on Framing Their Issue Priorities in Response to Political Advertising in India2020
Business sustainability and the role of hr in an organisation2020
Competitive Strength in Exports by Agricultural Commodities of India2020
Green Innovation in Human Resource Management and İts İmpact on Employee Behavior2020
The role of government campaign commercials in shaping government brand equity2019
A study on leadership factors in select industries2019
Spiritual Intelligence as a Predictor of Organizational Sustainability: Mediating Role of Academic Optimism2019
A systematic review of financial inclusion strategies and practices2019
Indian Foreign Policy: An Empirical Study2019
Enablers and Barriers of Civil Military Relations in India: An Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach2018
Review of Community Based Healthcare Financing in India2017
Empirical Study on Civil Military Relations: The Indian Perspective and The Way Ahead2017
Demonetization Comparatistics: India and Others (page 5-13)2017
Empirical Study on Make in India: The Defence Sector Perspective and The Way Ahead2017
A Study on Relevance of Voters Education through SAP-LAP Inquiry2017
Online Co-Creation: Factors That Impact The Indian Consumers To Contribute Towards Online Co-Creation2016
FDI Comparatistics: China and India (page 52-56)2016
Emerging Trends In Health Care: Challenges And Opportunities2014
A study of consumer preferences for buying passenger cars2013
Ethics in Business- An overview2013