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Dr. R. Raman

Title Year
Social Media by Indian Universities-Does it convince or confuse International Students in University Choice? 2020
Setting the future of digital and social media marketing research: Perspectives and research propositions 2020
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in GCC and India: A Perspective 2020
A Qualitative Review of Existing Employee Attrition Models 2020
Digital Evaluation and Outcomes: Effect of Interactive Evaluation tools on Learning Outcomes 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Payments in India 2020
Intelligent Digital Intermediation Solution: Exploring Growth Potential with Analytics 2020
Digital Payments Transformation 4.0 – A Review and Research Agenda 2020
Role of Artificial Intelligence in making Payment Systems Smarter 2020
A meta-analysis based modified unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (meta-UTAUT): a review of emerging literature 2020
Talent Management in Academia – The Indian Business School Scenario 2020
Examining the Impact of Social Commerce Dimensions on Customers' Value Co-Creation: The Mediating Effect of Social Trust. Journal of Consumer Behaviour 2019
Marketing your Business School on Social Media: Analyzing Social Media Content for Adopting the Right Strategies 2019
Artificial Intelligence (AI): Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Emerging Challenges, Opportunities, and Agenda for Research, Practice and Policy 2019
Public Service Reformation: Relationship Building by Mobile Technology 2019
Predict employee attrition by using predictive analytics 2018
Using social media for innovation - market segmentation of family firms 2017
A Strategic Approach Using Governance, Risk and Compliance Model to Deal with Online Counterfeit Market 2017
Risks Assessment using Fuzzy Petri Nets for ERP Extension in Small and Medium Enterprises 2017
A Study on User Perception and Awareness Related to Online Privacy During Online Shopping. 2015
A Study on the User Perception and Awareness of Smartphone Security 2014
Information and communication technology based model for dematerialization of academic certificates for Indian educational system 2014
A Fuzzy Petri-Net Model for Predicting the Post-Implementation Risks of ERP in Small and Medium Enterprises 2014
Mobile Usage Among Youngsters--Prediction of Factors that Might Influence Addiction 2014
A Study on the User Perception and Awareness of Smartphone Security 2014
A Regression Model To Study The Effectiveness Of Specific Online Channels To Reach Student Aspirants 2014
The Road Ahead for the Indian IT and ITES Industry Considering its Service Offerings, Domestic Market and Technology Trends 2014
A FPN Based Risk Assessment Model for ERP Implementation in Small and Medium Enterprises 2014
Use of Structural Equation Modeling to Empirically Study the Turnover Intentions of Information Technology Professionals in Pune City 2013
An aspect oriented process based approach to information risk management 2013
A Fuzzy Petri-Net Based Conceptual Model for Risk Prediction in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Acquisition Decisions for Small and Medium Enterprises 2013
Blog Content and User Engagement - An Insight Using Statistical Analysis 2013
Synergies between social media features and user engagement to enhance online brand visibility - a conceptual model 2013
A Principal Component Analysis To Identify The Green IT Factors That Impact ERP Adoption In Indian Small And Medium Enterprises 2013
A Study On Data Privacy, Protection & Sanitization Practices During Disk Disposal By Indian Educational Institutes 2013
A fuzzy petri-net based conceptual model for risk prediction in enterprise resource planning acquisition decisions for small and medium enterprises 2013
A Conceptual Model for ERP Failure Prediction using Fuzzy Petri-nets for Small and Medium Enterprises 2012
Linking Strategic Type & Outsourcing Pattern 2010
The Importance and Relevance Of Cross Cultural Management in Information Technology Enabled Services Sector 2010
How protected is electronically transferred data from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Units - The Indian Scenario 2009
Challenges of Attrition and Retention Strategies| Strategies to Retain Human Capital in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry 2008
The Changing International Competitive Environment Prospects and Challenges For Business Process Outsourcing Units In India 2008
Employee Satisfaction in Knowledge | Strategies to Retain Human Capital in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry 2008
How Protected Is Electronically Transferred Data from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) units - The Indian Scenario 2007
Knowledge Process Outsourcing - An emerging trend- Will it Dwarf Business Process Outsourcing in the Future? 2007
Role of Government( Central and State) in making Maharashtra an export hub for IT and ITES services 2006
The BPO Cyber coolies - Are they satisfied with their jobs? 2006
Strategies to Retain Human Capital in BPO Industry 2006
The BPO Revolution: Strategies to Control High Rate of Attrition 2004
Business Process Outsourcing Boom - Will It Remain? 2004
Strategies to develop Cost and Time effective: E-Learning solutions 2004
The Mobile and Wireless Solution - An SFA tool for sales force effectiveness 2004
BPO-Discontinuities for growth 2003
Management by Wandering Around 2002