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Dr. V V Ravi Kumar

Title Year
Impact of advertising puffery and celebrity trustworthiness on attitude and purchase intent: a study on Indian youth2021
A Study of Residential Property Purchase Decisions in India: The Role of Behavioral Intention as a Mediating FactorForthcoming
Two Decades of Digital Transformation in Business - A Review and Research AgendaForthcoming
A study on the Impact of Demonetisation on Cryptocurrency in IndiaForthcoming
Three decades of green advertising – a review of literature and bibliometric analysis.2020
A Study on the Adoption of Electric Vehicles in India: The Mediating Role of Attitude.2020
Extension of Fogg Behaviour Model: Behavioural Intention to Enrol in Online Learning Courses, An Indian Perspective2020
Emergence of Digital Payment Instruments in India as an Alternative to Cash – An Appraisal2020
Trends of Puffery in Advertising – a Bibliometric Analysis.2019
Two decades of Brand Personality: A bibliometric evaluation of the dimensions2018
An empirical study of the language of brand taglines: a code mixing approach.2018
Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Explained.2018
An Examination of Perceived Ergonomic Workstation Design as a Determinant of Software Project Planning and Execution of a Programmer in India2017
Extending the TAM Model: Intentionof management students to use mobile banking: Evidence from India.2017
A study on migrating non-users to retail Internet banking: evidence from India.2016
Yoga- A case of reverse Innovation2015
Speeding up trains on Indian Railways: Superfast must be redefined. 2015