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Dr. Shailesh Rasotgi

Title Year
An Impact of Default Risk and Promoters' Holding on the Dividend Policy in the Firms in India: Evidence using Panel Data 2022
A Study on Effects of Corporate Transparency- Literature Review and Research Agenda 2022
Financial Distress, Covid 19 and Listed SMEs: a multi-methodology Approach 2022
Shareholder Activism and its impact on Profitability, Return and Valuation of the firms in India 2022
Study of Financial Literacy and Its Impact on Rural Development in India: Evidence Using Panel Data Analysis 2022
Impact of Online Teaching on the Placement in Professional Courses in India 2022
Impact of competition on the profitability and risk-taking of the bank while controlling for efficiency and disclosures in India 2022
Does Transparency and Disclosure (T&D) improve the performance of banks in India? 2022
Corporate governance and financial performance: evidence from listed SMEs in India 2022
Impact of Research and Development on The Gdp Growth Rate of Nations: Evidence Using Panel Data 2022
Development of Inclusive Finance Amidst Pandemic in India: A Conceptual Framework 2022
Impact of Liquidity Coverage Ratio on Performance of Select Indian Banks 2022
Corporate governance impact on dividend policy of NIFTY-500 indexed Indian pharmaceutical companies (2014–2019) 2022
Me-Leader versus We-Leader: Bhagavad Gita perspectives on transformational leadership 2022
Factors Accountable for Non-Participation in the Stock Market: Identification and Ranking 2022
Impact of Shareholder Activism on the Dividend Policies of the Banks in India 2022
Impact of cryptos on the inflation volatility in India: an application of Bivariate BEKK-GARCH Models 2021
A Study on Effects of Corporate Transparency–Literature Review and Research Agenda 2021
Financial Technology and Its Impact on Poverty in India 2021
Understanding the Impact of Borrowers’ Behavioural and Psychological Traits on Credit Default: Review and Conceptual Model 2021
Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure: Empirical Evidences for Listed SMEs in India 2021
Volatility Integration of Gold and Crude Oil Prices with the Interest Rates in India 2021
Impact of Digitalization on the Farmers in India: Evidence using Panel Data Analysiss 2021
Dividend and Bank Performance in India: Evidence using Panel Data Analysis 2021
Credit Scoring of Small and Medium Enterprises: A behavioural Approach 2021
Informational Role of Futures Volume for Spot Volatility 2021
Unified Payment Interface (UPI): A Digital Innovation and Its Impact on Financial Inclusion and Economic Development 2021
Banks in India – A Balancing act between Profitability, Regulation, and NPA 2021
Impact of Efficiency on Voluntary Disclosure of Non- Banking Financial Company – Microfinance Institutions in India 2021
Non-participation in stock markets: a road map for policy initiatives in India 2021
Open API in Indian banking and economic development of the poor: opportunities and challenges2021
A Holistic Perspective on Bank Performance Using Regulation, Profitability, and Risk-Taking with a View on Ownership Concentration2021
Determinants of Profitability in Indian Banks: A Panel Data Analysis2021
Spot Volatility Prediction By Futures And Options: An Indian Scenario2020
Do Informed Investors Prefer Futures?2020
Multifractal Analysis of Market Efficiency across Structural Breaks: Implications for the Adaptive Market Hypothesis2020
Unravelling facets of employer branding leading to talent retention: A study of Indian KPO industry2020
Impact of External Debt on the Economy of India2020
Volatility Spillover Effects In Spot, Futures And Option Markets2020
Lending to SMEs: Indian Banker’s Perspective2020
Investment Behaviour of Women Entrepreneurs2020
Drivers impacting bank risk in India 2020
The impact of long-term solvency on the profitability of Nifty 50 companies2020
Impact of QoS Parameters on the Subscribers Volume of Cellular Operators Across Indian States2020
Rise of Shareholders Activism in India2020
Factors Impacting Bank’s Performance: A Literature Review2020
Valuation of Transparency – A Systematic Literature Review Paper2020
Issues raised by activist shareholders: A Review of Literature2020
Financial Efficiency of Non – Banking Financial Companies-Microfinance Institutions: A Data Envelopment Analysis.2020
Multifractal Analysis of Time-Varying Market Efficiency: Implications for Adaptive Market Hypothesis 2020
Money Attitudes and Impulsive/Compulsive Buying Behaviour of Young Adults2020
Expectations from a private multi-speciality hospital: a moderated-mediation analysis2020
Systematic Literature Review of Voluntary Disclosures2020
Open Banking and Inclusive Growth in India2020
Bibliometric Study on Dividend Policy2019
Understanding Consumer Behaviour towards utilization of online food delivery platforms2019
Long-term association in time-series through Cointegration Analysis: A Case Study2019
Different VAR for Developing and Developed Nations because of Market Efficiency2019
Shareholders’ Activism and Firm Performance: A Review of Literature2019
Sectoral analysis of factors influencing dividend policy: case of an emerging financial market2019
Long-term association in Time Series and Simultaneous equation modelling: A Case Study2019
Time-varying Price-volume Relationship and Adaptive Market Efficiency: A Survey of Empirical2019
Volatility Integration in Spot, Futures and Options Markets: A Regulatory Perspective2019
Underpricing in Public Offers: Indian perspective for policy initiative2019
Changing facets of higher education in Management: a student’s perspective2019
Financial Inclusion and Demonetization: the way forward for India2018
Empirical Study on Theoretical Option Pricing Models2018
Volatility Estimation using GARCH Family of Models: Comparison with Option Pricing 2018
Financial Inclusion and Demonetization: An empirical study using Exploratory Factor Analysis2017
Gold Price, Crude Oil, Exchange Rate and Stock Markets: Cointegration and Neural Network Analysis2016
Levered capital structure: boom or doom for long-term sustainability2016
Gold Future Market Efficiency Post 2007 Financial Crisis2016
Differences in Behavioral biases in Investment Decision Making: Gender and Occupation perspective2015
Identification of factors for investments in Mutual Funds through banks2015
The Financial Crisis of 2008 and Stock Market Volatility – Analysis and Impact on Emerging Economies Pre and Post Crisis2014
Investors Apathy to Stock Market: A study using discriminant analysis2014
Long-term association of stock markets of different Nations: An Empirical Study2013
Study of Impact of Global Recession on Investment Patterns of Householders2011
Impact of Currency Futures on Spot Market Volatility: An Empirical Study2011
Comparative Study of Conditional Volatility of Indian and US Stock Markets Using GARCH (1,1)Model,2011
Volatility Spillover Effect across BRIC Nations: An Empirical Study2010
Corporate Goverance: An Empirical Study of Indian Companies2010
Rising Debt Vs. Rising Income: An Empirical Study of Indian Companies2010
Employee Retention by way of Management Control System2008