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Dr. Shilpa Parkhi

Title Year
Selection of Best Sustainable Supplier for "Green Supply Chain Management" in an Automotive Manufacturer- Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach2021
Impact of COVID 19 on consumption of FMCG products in Rural vs. Urban India2021
A comprehensive Study About the Need & Factors to Be Considered By Third Party Logistics Vendors For On-Demand Warehousing In Logistics Industry2021
RPA Vendor Evaluation and Selection using AHP and Kano Model2021
Automation of 3PL selection to match client requirement using analytical processes2021
Application of natural language processing in document vetting2021
Effectiveness of Blockchain in overcoming barriers in Humanitarian Supply Chain2021
Blockchain enabled technology platform for enhancing supply chain financing for SME's2020
India's take on Sports Analytics2020
Capability Model Structure of Enterprise Process Map under Business Process Management in IT Industry2020
Implementation of Blockchain in the Humanitarian Supply Chain- Benefits and Blockades2020
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for asset tracking - application in manufacturing industry.2020
Lean management practices in healthcare sector: a literature review.2019
Use of Simulations and Managerial Dashboards for Product Mix Decisions: Model and Case for MSME2017
Identifying Attributes and Key Dimensions of Student Support Systems to increase satisfaction of Students in e-Learning Course - An Empirical study from Literature2017
Cost-to-serve: a strategic tool for decision making in hotel industry using fuzzy technique2017
Throughput accounting: an overview and framework2016
A Study of Evolution and Future of Supply Chain Management2015
Financial Inclusion - Building a Success Model in the Indian Context2014
A Study on Transport Cost Optimization in Retail Distribution2014
Taxation awareness of MBA students - Role of Professionals2010
Goods and Service Tax in India: the changing facing of economy2010