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Dr. Sonal Shree

Title Year
Inmates as Labour Pool: A Case of Inter-organizational Collaboration2020
Technostress in Students : Impact on Psychological Well-being2020
Augmenting Training-Learning Experience by Design: A Conceptual Framework2020
Examining Perceptual Dilemmas of Young Leaders with Respect to Ageism2019
A Review of Extra Role behavior as an Organizational Asset2019
Factfulness:Ten Reasons We are Wrong about the World2019
Exploring Gamification for Recruitment through Actor Network Theory2019
Development of inclusive education theoretical model: Role of authentic leadership, academic optimism and art-based pedagogies2019
Examining the effect of employee green involvement on perception of corporate social responsibility2019
Does Instructor's Use of Self-Authored Cases in Teaching Lead to More Effective Learning?2018
Exploring Key Gender Diversity Practices Which Act as Determinants of Organizational Attractiveness in Indian IT Sector2018
Investigating training through the lens of dramatic possibilities2017
Drama based Interventions within Corporate Milieu: Cases of Two Organizations in India2017
A Study on Identification of Top Factors Impacting Employer Branding in IT Multinationals In India & Its Strategic Implications2016
A Conceptual Framework on the Use of Stories As a Tool for Trainers for Engagement & Learning2015
An Analysis of Attitude of B-School Faculty Members towards Factors affecting Job Satisfaction2014
The Eightfold path of Buddhism for an effective & credible leadership2014
Management of Cross Cultural Integration through Communication2012