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Marketing your Business School on Social Media: Analyzing Social Media Content for Adopting the Right Strategies

Authors: Vikram Kumar, Ramakrishnan Raman

Journal: Journal of Computer Science

Publication date: 2019/9

Publisher: Science Publications

URL: click here


Marketing your Business School on Social Media' is a research paper that analyses the importance of social media for educational institutions. The increasing competition has led many business schools to utilize social media to communicate with stakeholders. Creating a digital marketing strategy for education institutes requires an understanding of the nuances of how social media works for business schools. To analyze the various types of content topics and formats that increase engagement with the target audience, the authors studied 19612 social media posts from top Indian B-Schools. Lastly, the paper sheds light on the right way to approach a social media strategy for educational institutes that can help colleges better market their offering and boost their organic reach.