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Student's Initiatives

Aside from the Students' Council, under whose purview most activities are conducted on campus, a few more initiatives are undertaken by students for students, from time to time.

SIBM Pune Toastmasters Club

SIBM Pune offers students every opportunity to hone their leadership skills and boost their confidence. The SIBM Pune Toastmasters Club is one such initiative. The interest shown by students in a space wherein their public speaking skills could be fine-tuned fuelled the inception of this institute's chapter of Toastmasters International, in July 2012.

As with so many initiatives at SIBM Pune, the foundation of the Toastmasters Club too was entirely student-driven. A felt need raised a demand which drove the process, which again was led by the young management students. After some time invested in this process, the SIBM Pune Toastmasters Club was finally inaugurated on July 6th, 2012. A corporate club, the SIBM Pune chapter of Toastmasters International aims to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment for all prospective toastmasters and public speakers. The Club organises weekly meetings, each of which is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.

QUOD - The Quizzing and Debating Society

SIBM Quod Society promotes the curiosity for knowledge through quizzing & debating formats. It is a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the value of general knowledge, speech and debating activities. This involves the development of sophisticated reading skills and of an ability to place literary texts in their wider intellectual and historical contexts.

In fact, the ability to sit and read some of the greatest works of prose, poetry and performance in a campus steeped in its own near-natural wealth of nature and beautiful architecture gives you a sense of being lost in your own fantasy, your own realm of turrets, tutors and texts.

Caf-Fin - Finance Club

The Finance Society works to help students stay better prepared for the particularly intensive and demanding course. They send out a GK dossier to students, containing a collection of relevant articles and news from the past six months. They also conduct sessions on MS Excel and SPSS. Previous years' participants of important finance-related competitions share their experiences and tips with juniors. For the future, they plan to put up a bi-annual magazine featuring student articles and also an inter-B-school case study challenge.

OpCellence - Operations Club

The operations club takes various initiatives to further student learning, such as by conducting a Six Sigma Green Belt certification through ISI, Pune - a course that's particularly relevant for operations students. Co-Operate, the annual magazine features articles by operations students of SIBM Pune. Juniors are prepared for summer internship recruitment through lectures on important topics, mock group-discussions and interviews and pre-internship guidance to through experience-sharing sessions by seniors. A workshop on MS Excel was conducted by faculty and seniors. Plans for the future include case study events and quizzes with a focus on operations.

Mark-O-Polo - Marketing Club

Mark-O-Polo, the Marketing Society of SIBM Pune, aims at magnifying the marketing culture at the institute and further strengthening the marketing acumen of students.
It is solely dedicated to carve marketers out of MBA students by facilitating various lectures, competitions, group discussions and reading content.

Vitarka - HR & IR Club

The HR Society works to add value to the HR batch through a number of activities. In Internship Hacks, seniors talk about their internship experiences and share tips on performing well with juniors. Excel Hacks is a peer-to-peer learning session where students are exposed to advanced Excel usage. Lectures and mock GDs and interviews by seniors on important topics go a long way in preparing juniors for the summer-internship recruitment process. Future plans include launch of events, including article-writing contests and quizzes.

Innovation Club:

The Innovation Club helps the students of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship batch develop and showcase their innovation skills. It was formed with a purpose to support MBA (I&E) students spread them spirit of innovation. The club organizes events like 'Let's Build' a B Plan building and business model formulation workshop, Idea Room -a pitching and feedback platform and several panel discussions featuring renowned entrepreneurs, throughout the academic year. The flagship event 'Innohack' which is a two day event encompassing several aspects of innovation which helps students to explore and learn.

Vritaanta: - Memoirs of SIBM Pune

Vritaanta - Memoirs of SIBM Pune is an e-magazine by Information Systems and Media Relation Team of SIBM Pune.
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Navkriti: A Window into the World of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Navkriti - A Window into the World of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an e-magazine by Information Systems and Media Relation Team of SIBM Pune.
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The Students' Initiatives at SIBM Pune consists of the following teams:


Innovation Club

Mark O Polo