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Study of Impact of Global Recession on Investment Patterns of Householders

Authors: Dr. Shailesh Rastogi, Ms. Shubha Johri, Dr Vinay K Srivastava

Journal: IMS Manthan Journal of Innovations

Publication date: 2011

Publisher: Publishing India

URL: click here


This world is a global village now. Financial trends have become contagious in nature. Recession as well as recovery gets percolated in no time from developed nation to developing nations. As long as it is growth no issue props up as such. But by the time the recessionary trends which gets replicated at other places, global integration seems to be a curse than boon. This paper endorses this fact with the help of ANOVA models on Indian stock market when recent US economic meltdown played havoc in the financial markets all over the world including India. Keywords: Dummy Variable, BSE SENSEX, FII, Volatility, Stock Market