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Two decades of Brand Personality: A bibliometric evaluation of the dimensions

Authors: Anil Khuran and Dr V V Ravi Kumar

Journal: SCMS Journal of Indian Management

Publication date: 2018

Publisher: SCMS Journal of Indian Management

URL: click here


Studying human personality dimensions has interested scholars for decades. However, associating these traits with brands was under-researched. Aaker's remarkable paper, “Dimensions of brand personality,” rekindled researcher's interest. Many authors adopted her proposed theoretical model, and few challenged her findings. Last two decades saw a surge in publications. Different areas of research emerged, and several advocated new brand personality scales. Branding literature has no such compilation and analysis of these dimensions. Enough articles are there to undertake an analysis of the different dimensions. This paper reviews dimensions of brand personality based on an online database of articles. Paper collates the different dimensions of brand personality. Summarising these dimensions the article outlines an agenda for future research.